Now brick-and-mortar retailers can get the real-time, personalized customer data they need to compete in the Amazon age.

Tech isn’t the enemy.

It’s the answer.

SURE, THE ONLINE REVOLUTION took a toll on brick and mortar. But why can’t physical stores still flourish in a “click and go” world? Why can’t online brands also benefit from being on shelves? They can, using the same digital power that changed the retail landscape in the first place – quick access to precise customer data. And that’s where Patron comes in.

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Smart businesses get even smarter.

Whether you’re a growing brick-and-mortar retailer, an online brand building a physical presence, or a retail property owner looking to activate space, our AI can advance your business.


Human experiences still matter.

98% of customers are
inclined to buy after
a physical experience

Sales go up by 40%
in markets with a
physical store opening

Over 75% of customers
prefer experiences
more than products

brands grow 6% faster
than other brands

9 in 10 shoppers say
it’s important to
support local retailers

Retailers that create
experiences double
their repeat purchases

Today, people crave a return to meaningful shopping moments where they discover and engage with local brands and products firsthand. Patron data connects you with these consumers at the right time where they live, work, and play.

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Data is only as
good as its results.

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Patron data can do.

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