Intelligence works.

THESE RETAILERS PARTNERED with Patron to uncover surprising insights that led to more business.

LAINE LONDON sells wedding dresses for soon-to-be married, single women, typically between 27-37 years old. However, when analyzing the demographics of transactions gathered through geolocation, we discovered the women purchasing wedding dresses in the south were older and made more income than the typical 27-37 year old. How could this be?

Southern mothers were buying the wedding dresses for their daughters.

This insight led to several ideas: Laine London needed to launch ad campaigns specifically targeting moms, buy media online that Southern moms would see, send mailers to moms quarantining at home due to COVID, and create in-store messaging directed at moms.


NILI LOTAN, a luxury fashion brand, noticed an interesting phenomenon during the COVID-19 shut down. Luxury local boutiques were still placing numerous orders for Nili Lotan products as the luxury brand’s traditional wholesale partners weren’t generating sales.

The reason was telling: the local communities were demonstrating loyalty to their local retail boutiques.

As a result of this information, Patron quickly helped Nili Lotan identify other luxury boutique partners across the country that were in markets with their current consumers demographics. This way, they could identify new places to take advantage of this local loyalty movement, distribute more products, and grow their consumer base.

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