Smarter investments.
Brilliant returns.

OUR METRICS HELP property owners unlock key benefits and trends to optimize their portfolio and inform future investments.


Building out space to suit one retailer doesn’t fit today’s constantly changing consumer behaviors. Using insights from Patron’s local market data, you can craft space to attract and enable different engagements, or carve it to match consumer activities with multiple tenants.

Less risk. More sleep at night.

Take the anxiety out of your property investments. Patron will help you uncover local market needs, attract an ideal tenant mix, and create data-based goals to guide your decisions.

Fewer empty spaces.

By using of-the-moment intelligence to effectively market properties and find tenants with staying power, you can reduce vacancy, credit risk, and turnover.

Don’t just gain tenants. Make partnerships.

Successful owner-tenant relationships evolve as changes occur and opportunities arise. With us, you can attract the right tenants and grow.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Retail is changing fast. And so, how we activate retail space must change as well. Patron keeps you in the know so you can design and market properties according to these changes.


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